Eliza & Arthur’s Gothic dinner

by viviana on April 23, 2013 in Festive,Mains

This is a guest post from Arthur Mayer, the cook of a wonderful Romanian/German/American dinner (including my Granny’s “Little Slippers” and a nice Romanian Merlot), and the gifted author of its description. Arthur and his friend, Eliza are from the US and they are lovers of Gothic/industrial music, just like me. Please note that Arthur also wrote what the soundtrack of the evening was!

I met Arthur on Facebook and I was very happy when he chose to cook my dear Granny’s “Little slippersin his cozy American home. Here is a beautiful description of the dinner with Arthur’s photos. Enjoy!


Here is Arthur’s text about the dinner:

Before dinner:

cheese + flatbread crackers, with Moosbacher Schwarze Weisse beer

With the dinner (“Little Slippers“):

dark mixed greens (with kalamata olives, pine nuts, tomatoes, bacon, green onions, bacon bits, grated cheese, Knorr Salatkroenung, kalamata olive oil, balsamic vinegar)

After dinner:

Sacher Kaffee (Wiener Mischung) and dark Lindt chocolate


New Order DVD (Reading Festival 1998, NYC 1981) and Substance Video (1989),

Front 242 VHS (Integration 8×10, 1991),

OMD CD (English Electric, 2013) and

Ghost & Writer CD (Red Flags, 2013)

 Your inspiration and recipe were much appreciated!

With kind regards,

Arthur and Eliza


As as I have stated before, I am not a professional cook and I will never do anything else but cook what my Granny taught me. I read a lot about cooking (especially about Romanian traditional cuisine) but I will never become a cook. I am busy living an amazing life, with some great cooking in it from time to time!

Thank you, Arthur and Eliza for making me feel that my blog is useful and for preparing one of my Granny’s favorite recipes!

Love from Romania,


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