Baked stuffed eggplant (“Little slippers”)

by viviana on April 3, 2013 in Mains

This is one of my favorite posts ever because my Granny loved cooking this dish for me and she used to call it “Little Slippers”. As you know by now I learned how to cook from my dear Granny, Victoria Paladi. I helped her in the kitchen for a long time, and then roles changed and she started helping me cook – in all, 33 years of sharing the pleasure of cooking together. I miss my Granny every second of my life and I feel she still lives with us. I feel she watches over me and she loves me still. I will always love my Granny.

Ingredients: 3 medium eggplants, 1 onion/3 green onions, 1 green bell pepper, 2 garlic cloves, 150-200 g beef minced, 2 tbls parsley, salt, pepper, basil, 3 tbls tomato paste, 3 fresh tomatoes (sliced), 3 tbls cooking oil, cheese/sour cream or both for serving

Yield: 3-6 servings.

Time: 1-1.5 hrs.


As you need to wait for the water to drain away from the eggplants, you need to prepare them first. Halve the eggplants lengthwise and scoop the pulp with a spoon (leave 1 finger thick on skin). Sprinkle salt in the eggplant halves to help drain water.

Start preparing the filling by cooking the chopped onion and garlic with 3 tbls of oil for 2-3 min.

Add the pepper.

Add the minced meat.

Cook until the meat changes color and add the eggplant pulp.

Add 3 tbls tomato paste, chopped parsley, salt, pepper and some basil and cook 8-10 min. The filling should be only half cooked, as it will cook completely in the oven.

Remove water from each eggplant half. Fill them with an equal amount of meat mix.

Place slices of tomato on top. Sprinkle with salt, pepper and drip some oil.

Bake 45 min at moderate heat or until eggplant fork tender.

Remove and decorate with fresh parsley. You can grate some cheese on top and serve with sour cream.

Enjoy this beautiful dish with your families and love them more than anything. They are all you’ve got!

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