Huckleberry smoothies

by viviana on July 12, 2012 in Drinks,Guests

 This is a new guest post from my dear friend and wonderful cook, Octavian, who wrote the recipe and took all photos. Enjoy!

I like all berries, but huckleberries are by far my favorites. Except for gorging which is by far the healthiest activity you could do with berries, here’s a refreshing idea for a smooth and fresh drink to assort your breakfast or for combating the thirst of summer.

Ingredients: 200g of fresh huckleberries, 700ml goat milk, cinnamon, optional: molasses

While I think you can definitely do it without a blender, it would be an unnecessary rebuke of kitchen technology not to use a blender in order to get the smoothest of textures for your smoothies.

What you need to do is to blend the berries first, after topping them with cinnamon and if you please molasses (I do them without molasses, but some people need their sugar).

You do that until you feel the result is liquid and homogenous enough you don’t need to stir any longer. Then you gradually add the goat milk – start by portions of 200ml (1 glass) until it blends in. If you feel it’s already too liquid and loses color you stop. Some huckleberries are very firm and dry, while others are incredibly moist for their size – so you will need to take your cues from the berries in order to avoid to end up with too watery smoothies. Usually, 700ml of goat milk is all you can put in, but at another time I needed one plain liter to make it smooth.

So that’s about it. You need to keep it capped and in the fridge, and you need to stir it a little before serving. You can serve it plain, with extra huckleberries sprinkled on the top, or with sliced fruit.


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