Grilled vegetables and chicken with garlic vinaigrette

by viviana on June 7, 2012 in Chicken,Mains

This recipe breaks a few rules, so don’t expect the regular directions for grilling vegetables. I always take the liberty to try new things in the kitchen, although I always follow what my Granny has taught me since I was 6. All these adjustments are aimed at cooking healthier and tastier food for my daughter.

Ingredients: 3 halves chicken breast, 3 medium tomatoes, 1 (or 2) onions, 3 yellow bell peppers, 1 large clove garlic, 2 tbls fresh parsley, 3 tbls olive oil (f0r the chicken), 2 tbls olive oil (for the vinaigrette), 1 tbls vinegar, 3 slices lemon, juice of 1/2 lemon, coarse salt, ground pepper, a pinch of dried herbs (oregano for vinaigrette and rosemary for chicken)

Yield: 3 large servings

Time: 40 min.

Pour water in the grill and preheat to high. Slightly oil grill grates. Cut the onion in half. Place vegetables on grill rack.

Cover the grill.

Roast vegetables for about 10 minutes, turning with tongs, until slightly blackened. Remove lid and refill grill pot with water twice.

Remove vegetables from grill into plastic or glass bowl. Cover with plastic foil or lid to help soften up. Cut the chicken breasts into chunks (ask for help, don’t be shy!).

Preheat oven at moderate heat. Place chicken breast chunks in small clay pot, add olive oil, water, salt, dried rosemary and lemon juice. Cover with lid.

Bake 20 minutes at medium heat. Remove from oven and stir.

Cook 10 more minutes in oven without lid, until sauce boils down and chicken is slightly brown.

For the vinaigrette: use the food processor to blend the ingredients. Parsley and garlic are the base ingredients.

Mix garlic, parsley, a pinch of oregano, salt and pepper, vinegar and 2 tbls olive oil until vegetables finely chopped.

Arrange vegetables on platter, season with salt. Serve vinaigrette in separate bowl. This is the vegetarian version:

Arrange chunks of chicken, onion and 1 pepper on platter, add vinaigrette. This is my daughter’s serving:

This is the serving with all vegetables, chicken and vinaigrette. Enjoy!

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