Sausages on salad bed

by viviana on May 23, 2012 in Salads

I feel I need to remind you that this is not a chef’s blog, as much as I would have liked to pursue this career. I am not a professional cook, nor have I ever taken any cooking classes. What qualifies me as a person who is entitled to share her cooking experiences is my passion for food. Since I was only 6, I have helped my Granny cook. She was patient enough to wait for me to carry out the tasks that she was assigning and explain everything with the utmost patience.

My passion for cooking has been rewarded heavily over the years. My daughter, my friends, the children on the camp we organize in the Romanian mountains, foreign friends and clients, almost everyone I cooked for appreciated my culinary gift. The best compliment I get is when someone asks for seconds, and that is not seldom at all.

The other equally strong reason why I am qualified to give advice here, on my blog, is the fact that I am a working mother. And as I have stated so many times, my blog addresses working mothers with a sense of cooking, just like me. So I am not an expert in cooking, but I am in expert in enjoying cooking, making food that others enjoy and cooking the fastest and easiest recipes. My recipes are mainly tricks on how to cook for your family without spending exhausting hours in the kitchen. I cook healthy food and I enjoy making arrangements that make your mouth water ;). Today, Sausages on salad bed.

Ingredients: 1 sausage, 1 yellow bell pepper, a handful of lettuce, 1 small tomato, cooking oil (for frying)

Yield: 1 serving.

Time: 5 – 10 min.

You are used to my tricks now: this is a simple recipe that takes only 5-10 minutes and it is all about the way we present the food to our “customers”. Consequently, you can decorate the salad as you wish :). First, I prepare the sausage. I cut it in 4:

In order to make the pieces of sausage look like a flower, I cut every end in cross shape:

This is what happens when we fry them:

I decided to go for lettuce bed. I cut the tomato, cucumber and bell pepper in slices and placed them on top of the lettuce.

Again, it takes a few minutes and it is delicious!

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