Two ways to cook potatoes

by viviana on May 8, 2012 in Mains,Ovo Lacto

We love potatoes! My daughter loves them in any form or style! They are cute and sweet and filling and tasty!!! So here are 2 ways to  cook potatoes faster than fast. They can be sides for any kind of meat. Sometimes I just serve them with salad. Here is a photo of both dishes: fried potatoes (traditional Romanian style) and buttered boiled potatoes (any style):

Ingredients: 5 large potatoes, basil (1 teaspoon), salt, flour (1 tbls), butter (2 tbls), olive oil (4 tbls)

Yield: 3 servings.

Time: approx. 30 min.

I peel, wash and boil the potatoes (until they cut easily with a knife).

I cut them into large cubes and divide them into 2 equal shares. The first share is the one I fry. So, here is the easy recipe for fried potatoes (Romanian style).

I add salt and basil and then I sprinkle flour. I fry them for 5 minutes at low heat. I use olive oil and I don’t stir, I just turn them on all sides carefully (because they break if I am not gentle).

This is what they should look like when they are done.

The other share of potatoes is much easier to prepare. I simply cut them into cubes, add salt and basil, 50 g of butter and microwave them for 5 minutes. I stir after I take them out of the oven and serve with parsley. In the following photo I have both dishes (the boiled buttered potatoes are in the lower part of the photo).

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