May 2012

Strawberry foam

by viviana on May 30, 2012 in Desserts

My granny taught me how to prepare this dessert a very long time ago. I can still remember using a hand whisk and beating the eggs until my wrist would hurt! In the year 2012 it takes 15 minutes to make strawberry foam and we enjoy it very much!

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Hehe! My friend, Octavian will say that Google will get tired of reading the title of this post. I decided to keep it long like this because this is the way my Granny used to name this very traditional dish. Polenta (mamaliga in Romanian) is not hard to prepare. It takes only 20 minutes and it’s better than any bread (in my opinion). Mamaliga goes with cheese, sour cream, sausages, sarmale (cabbage meat rolls), and many other cooked or raw products. This is our family’s version.

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Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your love and patience. I hope that my fast and easy recipes were helpful and that I have already convinced you that our families deserve healthier and better looking dinners :). It’s so easy to make people happy! All we need to do is like what we are doing for them first, and then wait for them to enjoy.

Thanks you for visiting my cooking blog and for taking the time to leave a comment or like my photos of Facebook.

Here are this weeks most viewed recipes on Cooking with Vivi:

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Baked chicken breast in clay pot

by viviana on May 25, 2012 in Chicken,Mains

Chicken breast is Adara’s favorite. I always try to cook it in some new way that she likes even better :). This is chicken breast baked in our new clay pot.

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Sausages on salad bed

by viviana on May 23, 2012 in Salads

I feel I need to remind you that this is not a chef’s blog, as much as I would have liked to pursue this career. I am not a professional cook, nor have I ever taken any cooking classes. What qualifies me as a person who is entitled to share her cooking experiences is my passion for food. Since I was only 6, I have helped my Granny cook. She was patient enough to wait for me to carry out the tasks that she was assigning and explain everything with the utmost patience.

My passion for cooking has been rewarded heavily over the years. My daughter, my friends, the children on the camp we organize in the Romanian mountains, foreign friends and clients, almost everyone I cooked for appreciated my culinary gift. The best compliment I get is when someone asks for seconds, and that is not seldom at all.

The other equally strong reason why I am qualified to give advice here, on my blog, is the fact that I am a working mother. And as I have stated so many times, my blog addresses working mothers with a sense of cooking, just like me. So I am not an expert in cooking, but I am in expert in enjoying cooking, making food that others enjoy and cooking the fastest and easiest recipes. My recipes are mainly tricks on how to cook for your family without spending exhausting hours in the kitchen. I cook healthy food and I enjoy making arrangements that make your mouth water ;). Today, Sausages on salad bed.

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Pepper chicken in mild taco

by viviana on May 21, 2012 in Chicken,Mains

I think this is the week for Adara’s favorites! Today I am sharing another dish that guarantees seconds from her: chicken with pepper and tomatoes in mild taco. She had it at the mall for the first time and I thought I would also give it a try. Here is my version of the recipe.

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Today I am sharing one of my daughter’s favorites: cream cheese with yellow pepper, onion and parsley. She simply loves this combination and she never gets tired of it. Sometimes, even after we go to bed, she asks me to make some. In fact, it is the onion – cream cheese combination that she loves! Mothers and fathers who cook for your children, your 11 year old may also like cream cheese as much as my daughter does ;).

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This is the second type of bruschette (here is the first one) we can quickly cook in the evening, when we get home. They take 5-10 min and they are delicious. Check out the recipe!

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Baked chicken wings on potato bed

by viviana on May 14, 2012 in Chicken,Mains

Yes, chicken and potatoes again! The reason why this blog is for women with a sense of cooking and not for professional cooks is pretty obvious by now, ay? I love sharing my recipes because I can guarantee they are easy and fast. Key words for my blog: fast cooking, cooking at home, Romanian cuisine, Romanian recipes! So, in case you forget the address of this blog, simply type one of the phrases above and you will be directed to the site. Too much talk, let’s start cooking!

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My daughter is a bruschette fan, so today a post about them! You know by now that I cook to impress my daughter and to teach her bits and pieces about healthy food and cooking for your family. All I cook is simple and unsophisticated. I like to eat out, and when I really like something I have at a restaurant, I like to try it at home. Sometimes I check Sanda Marin’s “bible” for Romanian recipes, and sometimes I check the Internet for tips.

I have recently discovered I have a “soul sister” in the United States! Mia (@Mia’s Domain) cooks with passion and love and she has learned everything from her Grandmother (see the resemblance?).

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