Egg figurines

by viviana on April 18, 2012 in Appetizers,Festive

This is my second suggestion for using the Easter eggs in a creative way. The Oriental salad was a blast, and now I hope that you find the egg figurines appealing. They are definitely fun to make! It took us hours to come up with the ideas, find the right ingredients and make them. Here is the final result:

Ingredients: 3 boiled eggs, some cabbage leaves, some green onion, olives, pickled red pepper, pickled cucumbers, pepper grains, 2 cloves of garlic, carrot

We decided to use the Easter eggs in a more creative way. So we started by drawing some cute animals (we had a bird, a dinosaur and another SF animal). We started off by cutting and carving:

What came out was: a Dracula, a cute little Panda bear and a funny Duck. Here they are:

I won’t advise you to do exactly the same figurines! No way! I am sure that you can carve better ones! Just let your imagination run wild. Kids love them and this is such a great way to use the Easter eggs. Enjoy!

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