Romanian Easter eggs

by viviana on April 13, 2012 in Appetizers,Festive

Easter is such a happy and luminous holiday for us. We light many candles, we cook traditional dishes, we go to church on Saturday night, we crack painted eggs, we have our younger ones wash their faces with the water in which we kept a red painted egg, so their face is luminous and they have rosy cheeks all year long. There is a long and beautiful tradition in Romanian cookery on the special celebration of Easter. The symbol of the cross, the red color, sparkling, shiny, luxuriously decorated dishes among which lamb (all kinds of stews, steaks and grills), sweet cakes and bread, of course, the painted eggs, green onions, radishes, etc. Easter is really a feast for the eyes and taste, for all senses, and above all, a feast for the soul, for our hearts. We love being together as a family, painting the eggs on Thursday night, traveling a little, going to church on Saturday night, celebrating the Easter dinner (at least 3 times!!!). Thursday night, between 9.30 PM and 1 AM we enjoyed painting the eggs and making all kinds of other arrangements for Easter. Here is the unique recipe of Romanian Easter eggs a la Vivi:

Ingredients: 35 eggs, water for boiling the eggs and for preparing the paint, salt (1 tbls), vinegar (6 tbls), egg paint (8 colors, prepared with hot water and without), oil for polishing the eggs

Yield: 4-5 people, during the entire Easter period

Time: 3 to 5 hours, depending on how much help you can get!

I choose 35 nice eggs (5 definitely break, so we are left with 30). It’s better if you use white eggs, I couldn’t find any this year.

I wash them in hot water with detergent, making sure that I remove all the stains, spots and, of course, the expiry date stamp! I have to admit I had a lot of help this year ;).

I dry them and I lay them on top of each other in a large metal pot.

I add water. Meanwhile I set the table for the forthcoming egg painting procedure. I lay a plastic table cloth that I use only for this type of event and some paper towels on top.

I set them to boil at extremely low heat. I add salt (1 tablespoon).

I have to confess that we exaggerated a little, and we ended up boiling the eggs forever! It took something like 1.5 hours to boil them. To see if they are done, I take out one egg and spin it on a plate. If it spins fast, it’s hard boiled, if it spins slowly, it has to be put back in the pot.

When the eggs are all done, I take them out with a special spoon and I lay them on the paper towels. I dry them well and remove traces of foam. If you want to hand paint the eggs with cold paint, you need to move fast because the eggs need to be painted while they are still very hot.

And now the beautiful part begins! I had all kinds of egg paint as you can see, and I decided to use at least one of each kind.

The paint came with plastic gloves, but we also used some pairs of our own as we painted the eggs in 8 colors and we preferred to use new gloves for each color. One great thing about the new egg paints is that they are washable. Really. You can simply wash your hands while still wearing the gloves and voila, you can dye eggs in another color.

There are 2 main types of paints:

Boiled: I boil water (700 ml) and vinegar (3 tbls) until simmering. I pour the paint and boil for 5 minutes until homogenous. I add the eggs (3 in this case in yellow and 4 in red). Although the paint we bought was enough for us to paint half the Easter eggs in Bucharest (lol), we chose to paint only a few in each color, to make sure that our 30 eggs are colorful and cheerful.

Cold: the ones we use are silver, gold, blue, green and red. The dye comes in small plastic envelopes. We put on the plastic gloves, submerge the envelopes in hot water for a few seconds, shake energetically and press the envelope on all sides until the paint is all fluid. My daughter was the master of this kind of paint, as she immediately discovered a technique that helped her spread the paint evenly on each egg: she rubbed the paint with her finger very quickly! You’ll see the result in the final photos! Oh, and one more thing. Although in the instructions it is stipulated that you should use one drop of paint, we used at least 10 for each egg ;). And in case you are not happy with the first layer, you can add an extra one.

Oops! Accident!

After the dyeing in finished, we lay the eggs on paper towels again, leaving some space between them. We allow them to dry.

Next, we applied all kinds of stickers on the eggs. And again we had 2 kinds:

Boiled: the ones that you wrap around the already boiled and painted egg, made of thermo retractable plastic. The procedure is very simple. You put the plastic sticker around the egg and submerge it in boiling water, holding it with a spoon.

Cold: simply apply the stickers on the painted eggs, as you wish.

After the stickers are all applied, I use some oil to make the eggs shine. Then I arranged them in a see-through bowl. Here are the beauties:

To all my readers who celebrate Easter this week, “Happy Easter” and let the light into your hearts. We live one short life, so enjoy every minute of it with your loved ones. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends you love them, every day, every time you have the opportunity. They are all we have, all we live for. God bless!

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