Festive spring vegetable and cheese salad

by viviana on April 13, 2012 in Appetizers,Festive,Salads

I have never obsessed over what we call “healthy food” in modern times. I have never obsessed about how healthy the food we eat is, as most of the food we eat in Romania is healthy! And it has been like that forever. The new fast food restaurants (opened in the last 10-15 years) are not a Romanian tradition, and they haven’t succeeded in making career with my family. We are still into fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes, chicken and fish dishes, oven and clay pot cooking, etc.

And as spring has arrived, here is a Romanian “Cooking with Vivi” traditional snack for this time of the year. I wish from the bottom of my heart to all my readers to live the happy and healthy life we live! God bless all of you!


for the official platter:

8 tomato slices, 9 cheese slices, 1/2 green bell pepper, 8 olives, 1 green onion, 7 pieces of ham, parsley for decoration, oregano, salt, olive oil

for ‘the other’ platter:

the leftovers, more or less in the same quantities; spent less time decorating 😀

Yield: 4 servings.

Time: 10 min.

This is either a salad, or an appetizer. The white sheep cheese I use is pretty salty. You can choose to decorate in any way you want. Just to make everything more fun, we prepared a platter for my daughter and her friend (who slept over) and a different platter for my beloved and myself. Let’s say we paid less attention to the decoration when we made the second one ;)!

The official platter

‘The other platter, with less decoration 🙂

 We love brown bread and although the Fonzi supermarket sells it at a very high price, we prefer it to any other bread. Anyway, we eat bread once in a blue moon :).

I am sure that my readers have understood the purpose of my blog by now: I am trying to show you that even a working mother (who, in this case, also takes care of her daughter and 92 year old grandmother) can be a goddess in her own kitchen. My kitchen is my sanctuary. I like to cook food with lots of love, and share what I cook with you. Please take my advice, and next time you cut a tomato, add some cheese, ham, parsley, oregano, olives, salt and you will make someone happy! The mere colors and smell of vegetables make people smile :). And if that person is just you, even better! You enjoyed the beauty of life once again <3.

More photos of the final products:

Happy Easter everyone and again, God bless!

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