Potato stew

by viviana on February 9, 2012 in Mains

Every time I cook potato stew I think of summer :). My Granny used to cook it on hot summer days. I remember coming back from the beach and smell the stew from downstairs. The secret? Well, add some smoked sausages or rashers of pork ham and the stew will smell and taste like heaven.

Ingredients: 4 large potatoes, 2 onions, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 large carrot, 2 large yellow bell peppers, 2 tomatoes, smoked thin sausages (200 g), butter (50 g), salt, pepper, thyme, tomato paste (5 tablespoons), dill (for decoration), half a lemon, water

Yield: 8 servings.

Time: 2 hrs.


I preheat the oven first. I chop the onions and peppers in the food processor.

I dice the tomatoes.

I saute the onions in butter for 5 min. I add the yellow peppers.

Meanwhile, I boil the potatoes and carrot until fork tender (usually 20 min, at full heat).

I combine all the ingredients in a large pot, one by one:

the potatoes peeled and diced,

the onion and peppers

the carrot

the sausages

the tomatoes (and here are some really nice live photos we took in the process 🙂

I combine the tomato paste with water (1/2 cup) and 1 tablespoon of thyme.

I pour the mix on top of the stew. I salt it.

I cook the mix 30 min. I add lemon juice.

I bake it in the oven for another 1 hour. I add water from time to time, if needed. It is cooked when all the vegetables are tender and some fat from the sausages has come to the surface. I decorate with dill.

This is a traditional Romanian dish I love!

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