Apple pie

by viviana on February 3, 2012 in Desserts

Ingredients: 4 sweet red apples, butter (80 mg), butter (20 g), sugar (70 g), sugar (50 g), 3 eggs, warm milk (50 ml), flour (350 g), baking powder (12 g), cinnamon (1 tbls), nuts (2 tbls), lemon juice (1 tbls)

Yield: 12 servings.

Time: 1.5 – 2 hrs.


Line the baking pot with parchment and preheat the oven (medium heat).

Mix butter (80 g) and sugar (70 g) in electric mixer. Add 3 egg yolks (one by one) and warm milk.

Combine flour (350 g) and baking powder (12 g) in large bowl.

Finely sift the flour and baking soda over the moist mix of butter, sugar, egg yolks and milk. Make a ball of dough (non sticky) and set it in the fridge for about 30 minutes while preparing the apple filling.

Skin and then grate the 4 apples, add the sugar (50 g), ground nuts, cinnamon. Sprinkle some lemon juice. Saute the mix in a skillet for 5-10 minutes. Set it aside to cool. Squeeze until dry.

Divide the dough in 2 halves.

Roll the first pie layer with the rolling pin on the table (sprinkle flour so it does not stick). Place the first layer in the baking pot.

Add the apples.

Add second layer.

Bake 45 min (slow to moderate).

Cut in squares, sprinkle vanilla sugar. Voila!

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