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Danny 9 years ago at 3:23 pm

First, Happy New Year! Second, I like your new design. Your year end blog posting helps me read into a bit more of myself in a strange way – perhaps it is your way of looking at things that resonates with familiarity or that words are carefully chosen to evoke feeling. I am glad you shared your thoughts – let’s all have a great 2010.

Viviana 9 years ago at 3:38 pm

Happy New Year to you, too. I thought you’d like it! I am still waiting for your website eagerly! And I am also preparing a great surprise soon! Take care and I think that good people are meant to read each other…

Ella 9 years ago at 4:14 pm

All I can say to that is BRAVO! I hope this was just a taste of the wonderful journey ahead.:)

Astept cu interes noutati despre activitatea Viva Music in 2010 si ne vedem cu siguranta la Amphi!;)


Viviana 9 years ago at 5:21 pm

draga mea, plec maine la berlin, apoi la bruxelles, tot dupa dm, dm, dm…ce sa zic…imi vad visul cu ochii si imi traiesc toti cei 22 de ani de dm intr-unul singur! amphi rules la anu…mi-am luat bilete. sa-ti iei de acum si sa nu-mi mai intarzii ca te mananc! sau te strang in brate, ca de mancat nu cred ca pot. te pup!

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