Change now! Yes, now!

by Viviana on May 13, 2011

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I change. I change every day, every minute. I change because I learn and, mainly, because I learn very fast. One thing that you understand by the time you are 38 is that change is very important. What is vital today and needs to be treated as urgent means nothing to anyone in 2 weeks’ time. Fortunately, vice versa hasn’t happened in my life so far.

Change drives me to become better, and change itself helped me to understand that what does not change in my life can be considered a success. Don’t get me wrong: change is good if it means development, but sometimes what does not change and is stable and balanced means great teamwork, love and persistence and is valuable and will pass the test of time. Take Wordland, for example. We started our language school in 2001 and it is a very successful “preneur” (to quote from The Social Network). Along the years, we changed things and we developed, but the core values we promote are the same. The team is almost the same as 10 years ago, and that makes me, personally, very proud.

Making change work in your favor is the art of living a good quality life. I do not master change and I don’t know anyone who does. Still, I have enough knowledge and self power now to control my urge to prioritize wrong, or to choose to do things that please others while disturbing me.

Unfortunately, with knowledge comes the need to be surrounded by less and less people and things. If you asked me 10 years ago how much jewelry I have, wear and need I would have definitely replied: 358 pieces, this much every day, blah, blah… Now I don’t wear jewelry. I find all necklaces and earrings annoying, and if I wear any jewelry it’s usually because my daughter says so. So many things become redundant and unimportant once you grow old. I remember being upset that I did not have certain things when I was younger. I was really upset I never got my MBA… Now I am sorry I wasted my time studying so many unnecessary things! I think I will write a post about important things in my life (again) soon. I really need to check my priorities again. I feel like I have willingly let some voyeur peek into my bedroom.

I said in a previous post that I was working hard on not judging people and trying not to have preconceptions. It is still hard, but I win a battle every day. The next thing on the agenda is learning how to say No to people. I bought a book by Marie Haddou to help myself.

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octavian 7 years ago at 10:43 pm

You know, this change you’re telling us about, is like, I would say, the excitement I felt as a child when I woke up. So many things to discover, so many things to learn. And then came a stage where I wanted to forget what I discovered and un-learn what I learned because I discovered bad things or I learned from bad people. It turns out in the very end they were not the issue; bad things will always happen and I will always be so gullible as to lend an avid ear to someone’s simplified view of the world. Some push it gently, some shove it, you have to agree to people because they consider, in their vast majority, holders of a unique, secret, elitiste truth. And then, you think. I want that excitement back. And we humans have incredible potential to recapture that feeling and that potential of wanting to change in the direction of change rather than after a fashion, trend, or what else. I think that each of us have this need but only a few are really intent on doing something about it. Seeing so many yes’s in a world that should actually speak up a clear no makes you feel out of place and somehow you marginalize yourself before anyone is given that chance. So I think that learning to say no, as part of this bigger picture process is one important feature, and feat. You need to learn to say no, because otherwise your relevant yes’s will mean less and less.

Viviana 7 years ago at 11:01 pm

add to that the fact that most people you come in contact with these days start listening only when you say exactly the opposite of what you would like to say :(

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