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Berlin Zoo and Tierpark - full gallery here: orice ne implicam, in orice incercam sa intelegem sau sa “vedem”, vedem ceea ce deja cunoastem si nu ne provoaca, acele lucruri cu care alegem sa ne identificam din ceea ce am mai experimentat si, in general, ceea ce ne face cel mai putin rau. Unii incercam sa ne detasam si sa privim totul de la distanta, fara emotii, fara interpretari, fara filtre. Cati reusim?

De ce ne place, mai nou, sa vedem tragedii? Cred ca Pro TV cu ”Stirile de la ora 5” a lansat tendinta in Romania, nu? De ce ne “hranim” astazi cu accidente si lucruri abominabile pe care alti semeni le fac? Mi-am pus des intrebarea aceasta. Oare, curiozitatea noastra, care evident are in spate acea usurare: “bine ca n-am fost eu” de care ne e rusine si de care ne ascundem chiar si in fata noastra, nu cumva hraneste esenta ucigasa a zilelor noastre? Nu cumva faptul ca ne concentram atat de mult asupra partilor tragice ale existentei noastre, de la accidente pana la incalzirea globala, este cauza tuturor dezastrelor care pare ca se napustesc asupra noastra ca individ, natie si specie? Sau daca nu ni le atragem singuri, nu cumva incercam cu totii sa ne intarim in fata tragediei, avand un mobil ascuns, pe care inca nu il intelegem, la nivel de specie?

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Hello, world! I am from Romania and I love my country. I have spent a lot of time documenting with photographs how beautiful and interesting Romania is. I shoot Romanian nature, places, Romanians, animals, landscapes, artifacts, architecture, traditional Romanian parties, celebrations and events, etc. I shoot with love and passion authentic, traditional, breathtaking Romanian images, important for my mind and spirit and educational and inspiring for the younger generation.

The photos below were taken in at least 100 towns and 1000 places from Romania between 2009 and 2012. I also wrote a brief description for each gallery. I use Nikon and my cameras are a natural extension of my hands.

All my photos are hosted on Google+ (Picasa), so if you click on the links you will be taken to Picasa galleries. Please feel free to leave a comment or share my photos. You can also download them. All rights reserved VivianaBallPhotography. Enjoy!

Galleries (click either on the links or the photos for the entire gallery):

Fantastic house and landscape in Brasov County, November 2012 full gallery

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Scarisoara Cave (photo blog)

by Viviana on August 30, 2012

in Photography,ROMANIA,Travel

This is a short photo blog in 3 parts about our trip from Bucharest to Scarisoara cave.

The legend says that the cave used to be inhabited by a dragon, and now it is a natural monument. The cave is famous for its 3000 y.o. glacier and, as a personal observation, it should also be famous for being one of the most difficult and dangerous places to visit for tourists. More on our visit a little later.

Part 1 – Bucharest to Apuseni Mountains

Our GPS was our best friend on the way to Scarisoara! It took almost one day to get there from Bucharest, but it was worth it. We drove through Calimanesti and Caciulata (Valcea), and we admired the beautiful river Olt defile:

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Luni, 13 august 2012 mi-a readus in viata o persoana la care tin foarte mult si pe care nu o mai vazusem de ani intregi. Sper ca Andreea sa nu mai dispara la fel de mirobolant din viata mea, lasand in urma-i o aroma suava de parfum fin combinat cu nebunie…

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I feel mighty proud because I have seen my dream come true: I can preach and teach about electro & industrial music and, for the first time I can feel that the people who made this possible don’t see me like a freak anymore.

Being a promoter of electro & industrial music in Romania is not easy. Mind you, nothing is easy when you pick an almost “volunteer” business. The money making businesses are about mainstream. We are not about money, mainstream, public radio and television, because our music is about heart and soul and that very rarely leads to making money.

And still, we found open minded people who want to promote non-mainstream on public radio! It sounds like a contradiction, but it is not! It happens in Romania, twice a month, on Sundays, from 7:30 PM (GMT +2). This coming Sunday we will be live on Bucuresti FM radio again, playing the same amazing electro music for the chosen ones. Stay close and watch us live on! This is the story of our show: Thank you for your support! We make the difference.


M-am inscris in echipa de voluntari pentru campania Samusocial pentru romanii fara casa pentru ca imi pasa. Faceti la fel!

Today I participated in WOW (Women on Web) conference organized by Evensys. The conference was about the role and influence of Romanian women in the online universe. 8 ladies and 4 gentlemen gave presentations aided by visuals  and/or talked freely, either about online experiences with personal projects, or about public websites, projects, magazines or brands they developed or are currently involved in. The guest speakers made me (and all the other participants for the matter) smile, laugh, think, think again, reflect, actively participate, laugh and cry. Literally cry. That is why I choose to speak now about emotions, and not about ways of increasing the number of followers on Twitter. I am a woman, I love being a woman, I love being caring, hard working and organized in my universe made up of emotions and little-huge events that change me and the world around me every day.

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Talented bloggers

by Viviana on October 4, 2010


I read a very interesting post (unfortunately it’s in Romanian and I don’t have the time to translate it) called: “What is this blog about”. You need to take my word for what I am saying, unless you also want to quickly Google translate the post to get an idea.

This post was a finicky reader’s (and blogger’s) surprise, with its marketing and sales parts, its human touch, and its modest and simple, rich and redolent language.

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Candidatul de succes (la Wordland)

by Viviana on October 2, 2010


Wordland a fost infiintata in 2001 si, de atunci, predam 10+ limbi straine si facem tabere de limba engleza pentru copilasi intre 5 si 14 ani. Nu am avut pierderi, intarzieri in plata taxelor sau schimbari majore in activitatea noastra. Am progresat si am sfidat toate relele din tara asta, promovand numai valori romanesti si euforia muncii bine facute.

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dictoane pe parfumuri

by Viviana on September 28, 2010


O zi ca oricare alta.  Azi a fost despre „defapt” scris asa de 3 persoane trecute de varsta majoratului, care nu, nu au chiulit 12 ani de la scoala, si nu, nu au nici o alta scuza. De asemenea, azi a fost despre soferi care spun asa clientului: “Am eu o vorba: festina lente, adica grabeste-te incet. E in latina”. Prietenul meu tace insistent tot tot drumul refuzand sa creada ca cineva s-a gandit sa-i  traduca ceva din latina.

Si asta m-a facut sa imi amintesc de alta faza petrecuta in taxi. Urc. Dau adresa. Se tace. La un moment dat, domnul taximetrist ridica geamul din partea sa, desi se putea si cu el deschis. Nu zic nimic. Peste 5 minute tipa isteric:  “Doamna, ce parfum aveti?” Zic ce parfum. El sare la mine: “Eeee, am mai mirosit eu parfumuri la locul de munca, dar ca asta, nu. A fost o doamna care avea unul cu miros de orhidee, tare, asa…” si timp de 30 minute imi povesteste despre toate parfumurile care au urcat la el in masina. Concluzie: suntem toti niste parfumuri carora li se aplica invariabil aceleasi dictoane.