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Hello, world! I am from Romania and I love my country. I have spent a lot of time documenting with photographs how beautiful and interesting Romania is. I shoot Romanian nature, places, Romanians, animals, landscapes, artifacts, architecture, traditional Romanian parties, celebrations and events, etc. I shoot with love and passion authentic, traditional, breathtaking Romanian images, important for my mind and spirit and educational and inspiring for the younger generation.

The photos below were taken in at least 100 towns and 1000 places from Romania between 2009 and 2012. I also wrote a brief description for each gallery. I use Nikon and my cameras are a natural extension of my hands.

All my photos are hosted on Google+ (Picasa), so if you click on the links you will be taken to Picasa galleries. Please feel free to leave a comment or share my photos. You can also download them. All rights reserved VivianaBallPhotography. Enjoy!

Galleries (click either on the links or the photos for the entire gallery):

Fantastic house and landscape in Brasov County, November 2012 full gallery

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Scarisoara Cave (photo blog)

by Viviana on August 30, 2012

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This is a short photo blog in 3 parts about our trip from Bucharest to Scarisoara cave.

The legend says that the cave used to be inhabited by a dragon, and now it is a natural monument. The cave is famous for its 3000 y.o. glacier and, as a personal observation, it should also be famous for being one of the most difficult and dangerous places to visit for tourists. More on our visit a little later.

Part 1 – Bucharest to Apuseni Mountains

Our GPS was our best friend on the way to Scarisoara! It took almost one day to get there from Bucharest, but it was worth it. We drove through Calimanesti and Caciulata (Valcea), and we admired the beautiful river Olt defile:

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I wrote some time ago about a weekend in Bucharest. I enjoyed that weekend so much! I enjoyed reading that entry again big time.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take photos in the Botanical Garden, in our lovely Bucharest. I was so happy to see that the garden was clean and tidy; there were nice benches and a small shop at the entrance where we bought sodas and crackers.

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i love my cooking!

by Viviana on December 22, 2009

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