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absolutely love my 40’s!

by Viviana on July 23, 2011

in Personal

The truth is my grandfather was right when he told me that by the time I turned 40 I would be fully mature. I would add that approaching 40 makes me feel fulfilled and happier than ever.

I have only one issue with myself so far: if I have enjoyed my life between 30 and 40 so much, what lies in store for Vivi in the future? Am I just going to become even better at managing every minute of my life and enjoying life as it is constantly? Or am I just going to collapse on my couch, burying myself in work on the computer? Very tempting, both of them, I must say.

For all of you who are too young to understand, let me tell you a secret that people do not share fully: 40 is a great age. You are proud about your achievements, you are stable and balanced, you are not completely depressed about the way you look (in my case I have always seen myself as barely presentable, so why bother?), you are definitely not looking for new people to share things with (because you already have a life, and you have people you know very well and love dearly in your life), you have an income and you excel in something (so you are not desperate to find the right career anymore, in fact you don’t want to change jobs unless you have hit 40 and never had the right job!), you know all your minuses and pluses and you live with them, you are not looking for recognition as you are more inclined to offer it to the young ones. Above all, if you are lucky as I am, you have a wonderful family, awesome job and fantastic friends!

Change now! Yes, now!

by Viviana on May 13, 2011

in Personal

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I change. I change every day, every minute. I change because I learn and, mainly, because I learn very fast. One thing that you understand by the time you are 38 is that change is very important. What is vital today and needs to be treated as urgent means nothing to anyone in 2 weeks’ time. Fortunately, vice versa hasn’t happened in my life so far.

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Thank you!

by Viviana on May 10, 2011

in Personal

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I am 38. I turned 38 yesterday. I am the happiest 38 year old I know. I don’t know many people though, there may be millions of other 38 y.o.’s who are having the time of their lives as I am now. Every day.

I thank my daughter, my friends/colleagues for the most beautiful surprises in the world, for their smiles, hugs, family hugs, cheers, kisses, jokes, fun, love and, above all, for having me in their lives and loving me exactly as I am, and for what I am.

Thank you, my dear daughter, for being the first one to say Happy Birthday to Mummy last night! And for making me feel so loved. Every day.

My Granny is 91 today!

by Viviana on May 7, 2011

in Personal

May 7 is … my Granny’s new b-day! Why? Because like 3 years ago she decided she did not like her regular April 22 b-day anymore, and she wanted her new b-day, on May 7. My daughter and I went shopping for her, and as she is almost blind we only got her a very nice flower pot (as she can only see colored things). She was very happy with her present! We had a great b-day celebration with candles, cake, other cake, more cake and some regular cake as she loves cake! We sang to her, we had champagne, we talked about her sister, mother, father and other relatives, we thanked God for still having her (as she had tuberculosis when she was 22), we danced and we had the best time ever! This is my 91 year old Granny!

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Junk E-mail option in Outlook

by Viviana on May 6, 2011

in Personal

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Thank you for reading my blog! Such a wonderful surprise to see that my blog is interesting after all. Well, although I am too busy living (as I have already said last night), I have some computers for dummies tips to share today and I won’t refrain from doing it, as I find this new thing I am applying really useful.

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I am happy!

by Viviana on May 5, 2011

in Personal

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You are right to say that I am definitely not a prolific blogger. I wish I could write about all the amazing things happening in my life every day, but I just fail over and over again. I prefer to listen to my daughter read her geography lesson about Angola, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Japan’s population increase or the opposite going on, unfortunately.

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God’s dislike button

by Viviana on March 11, 2011

in Personal

For some of us the ultimate thrill in life is love, for others it’s hate. Some have too much time on their hands, some work too hard. Some dedicate their life to what 99.99% of the world think is mere stupid or useless. Some of us think that what they think is awesome, while others live all their lives thinking that what they believe in is too small to be even talked about.

I hate the Internet for making it so easy for so many to express themselves. There should be a ban on truisms online. I generally don’t hate, but I cannot help noticing that my timeline on too many social networks is crowded with unimportant things.

Still, going back to what I said before, so many of us think that what they think is important or shareable. Well, who sets the boundaries? Who says that you or I are wasting everybody’s time? I just wish there was a God who uses the Internet and owns a dislike button .

International day of awesomeness 2011

by Viviana on March 10, 2011

in Personal

Exactly one year ago I wrote:

”Today is the International Day of Awesomeness! Thanks to Monica Jitariuc who tweeted about this, now I know about this celebration, and I will definitely enjoy awesomeness in my life every year on March 10. So, on March 10, 2010, I am writing about awesome things in my life. In fact, it reads: MY LIFE IS AWESOME!

Today, in my awesome life: Adara (my 9 year old), my Grannie, our Tanti (who made wonderful mucenici yesterday, highly appreciated by Octa), my friends and colleagues, the music I listen to are awesome!

And a few details: Adara is a green belt in karate, she is studying very complicated Math problems and she is brilliant, she has new Webkinz (the Zumbuddies), we reached levels 90 and 150+ in Zynga Vampires. Stefan comes over every day now, they do homework and play together. And I just realized (again) how awesome my life is! A few minutes ago! Not only because I own a brand new Sony Ericsson Aino and a brand new Dell Inspiron, but because I make good use of them!”

I just remembered I was impressed last year that there was an awesomeness day, and that I decided back then to write about what was awesome in my life every year. Every year on March 10 (luckily this day has no other meaning to me) I will write about awesomeness in my life. Today, March 10, 2011, I can compare what’s going on in my life and rejoice or be sorry. Well, guess what? I still think my life is awesome! Every second of it.

Now I will refer to the post I wrote last year. Adara is obviously 10, Grannie is totally Alzheimer-ish (but we love her, nevertheless), Tanti was replaced with another lady who is ABSOLUTELY fantastic – devoted and kind, my friends, colleagues and the music I listen to are even more awesome today!

Adara has the blue belt in karate, she gets only straight A’s (10) in all subjects, she plays Angels, Wonderland and some Zuma Zoomba game she is excited about. I am the only one still playing the Vampire game on Myspace (lol), it’s not only Stefan who comes to visit us (the house is full of children most of the time), the Sony Ericsson Aino is a piece of garbage but I own an Iphone now, my Dell is still gorgeous! My grandfather has survived a severe condition (that made me so happy), the businesses are flourishing, Romania is beautiful and we are slowly getting rid of corruption (I said slowly!).

Hugs and stay awesome!

What is important today? (tag)

by Viviana on February 26, 2011

in Personal

I felt I needed to thank Octavian for making me participate in my first tagging game ever <3. I loved it! So this is my reply to him, a similar tagging game.


Write a list of words (nouns and verbs only, maximum 2 words on a line) that define your life today. Things you love, things you do and so on. No proper nouns are allowed (example names of people, names of companies). Important rule: I was born in 1973, so my list contains 73 words. If you were born in 1956, then you will have a shorter list (only 56 words). Younger guys should really go into details! Tag your friends before posting!

Purpose: Let’s see in a year’s time, what will our priorities be? Or in 10 years? Is it Facebook that should be mentioned today? What about next year?

As I was born in 1973, I listed 73 words (nouns and verbs only) that define my life today. I tried to be accurate and write down only the important things, important activities, principles, ideas I have today: February 26, 2011.

Enjoy my list of 73 things I find important today:

  1. accomplish
  2. admire
  3. appreciate
  4. approach
  5. attitude
  6. black
  7. blog
  8. business
  9. care
  10. compose
  11. concert
  12. cook
  13. dance
  14. daughter
  15. decision making
  16. Depeche Mode
  17. develop
  18. edit
  19. education
  20. electro
  21. excel
  22. excellence
  23. Facebook
  24. festival
  25. friends
  26. games
  27. God
  28. gothic
  29. grow
  30. help
  31. home country
  32. initiative
  33. Internet
  34. karate
  35. laugh
  36. learn
  37. love
  38. makeup
  39. mountains
  40. movie
  41. music
  42. nationalist
  43. negotiate
  44. parenting
  45. party
  46. patriot
  47. perfume
  48. persist
  49. personal example
  50. photography
  51. planning
  52. play
  53. pride
  54. read
  55. recognition
  56. respect
  57. Romania
  58. sea
  59. share
  60. shopping
  61. smell
  62. stubbornness
  63. support
  64. teach
  65. tradition
  66. translate
  67. travel
  68. trust
  69. vacation
  70. vegetarianism
  71. website
  72. words
  73. work

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Keep Calm? I Never Had to.

by Viviana on February 25, 2011

in Music,Personal

Octavian challenged me to find my favorite Keep Calm poster. I couldn’t find any, so I created my own. It’s dedicated to yesterday’s event I attended on Facebook and in the office: