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Washing one’s laundry in public does not always raise a stink. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and domestic partner Mariqueen Maandig, backed up by Atticus Ross came up with an innovative project entitled after Coil’s debut single ‘How to Destroy Angels‘.

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In Strict Confidence and Prague

by Viviana on May 12, 2010

in Music

IN STRICT CONFIDENCE in Prague, Abaton Club, May 8, 2010

Prague is the perfect city: you can visit it on foot (let’s say the steps to the castle on the hill are a little hard to climb, but we aren’t that old yet). So, the old town, the small town, the center, the side streets full of cute little shops, the parks and the bridges can all be visited in 2 days tops, without hopping in and off buses.

Bohemian crystal (traditional souvenir stuff), beer of all sorts, cozy cafes, excellent food served either in elegant little gardens or in pivnice (cellars), cobble stone (sometimes pretty tiring!, but it looks old and genuine), grand castles, painters and craftsmen, stories, myths, legends, fairy tales, museums of all kinds (from a ghost museum to a pleasure toys museum), puppets and puppet theaters, cathedrals, churches, all easy to reach and logically explained on maps – make Prague a wonderful destination.

The reason why I went to Prague in May 2010 was primarily the In Strict Confidence concert @Abaton Club (I have to admit I envy the Czech for their geared club), on May 8 (Dennis Ostermann’s birthday – some of us choose to work even on their b-day:)).

I wore my lenses for the first time and I almost lost one in the middle of a very pleasant conversation! Well, my reaction was natural: Ooops! I’m losing an eye!

I took flash pics, and I am sorry I blinded Antje and Dennis forever, but I couldn’t leave empty handed.

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I tried to take pics without the flash and only God and Octa are my witnesses it didn’t work.

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Above are the pics I took during the Rabia Sorda concert (before ISC). And, of course, a professional photo gallery from Petr Klapper. A very special photo here. I definitely know when this pic was taken, and I thank Petr for that! A sweet memory from Prague, from Abaton Club, from a concert to remember!

Back to Prague: the photos from the ghost museum

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the torture museum

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restaurants, food, places

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Charles Bridge is amazing: the statues on the sides are quite a sight both from a close or long distance. In my opinion, Prague is the city designed for tourists, and I dare say that for the ones who can walk at least 8 hours every day! Prague has sights that need to be admired from different angles, increasing the impact and the beauty every time you watch a statue, a building or any other detail.

As usual, Depeche Mode were with me! As I entered a shop, a selection of older and newer songs from my favorite band was blasting!

I look forward to this summer’s trip to Germany. We are going to Amphi Festival in Cologne, and hopefully, we will meet many many friends and have lots of fun!

VIVA MUSIC – Bucharest, Romania

by Viviana on April 20, 2010

in Music

Most of the music I personally like falls into one of the following categories: new wave/EBM/dark/electro/synthpop/futurepop/industrial/aggrotech/gothic or others, more or less known or more or less related. I have been a Depeche Mode fan for 23 years, and I am still devoted to the best band in the universe.

In 2008 I decided to share my passion for music with friends and fans of the music I like. My company, VIVA MUSIC (music promoter based in Bucharest, Romania) is my second business after WORDLAND (language and business training, started in 2001).

One of our goals is to stay true to the dark/electro/gothic scene, and never compromise. VIVA MUSIC team enjoy organizing every concert and always go the extra mile for the bands and their fans. VIVA MUSIC is not committed to making anyone rich, but to sharing the richness and beauty of an exclusive scene with friends, true fans, and  true music lovers. VIVA MUSIC is committed to representing the bands, collaborators and sponsors fairly and honestly. VIVA MUSIC is an honest and reliable tax payer, and we commit to supporting the economy of ROMANIA, the country we proudly represent.

I am very happy and I feel professionally accomplished looking back at 3 extremely successful music events VIVA MUSIC has organized so far: MELOTRON, the FIRST ROMANIAN DARKFEST, COVENANT.  We are planning on bringing only electro/dark/gothic acts to Romania.

Here are a few links to the music we promote:

In strict confidence: silver bullets; zauberschloss; manchmal; wintermoon; my despair

Covenant: bullet; final man; like tears in rain; call the ships to port

Melotron: liebe is notwehr; das hertz

Diary of dreams: the wedding; the curse; butterfly: dance!; menschfiend; son of a thief

And one: military fashion show; enjoy the unknown

Aesthetic perfection: the great depression; the siren; the ones; spit it out

Agonoize: for the sick and disturbed

VNV nation: Illusion


by Viviana on April 12, 2010

in Music

COVENANT (the band) in Romania

When my colleagues at Viva Music and I decided to invite Covenant to Romania for a gig, we were really excited. We have been listening to the Swedes’ music for quite a few years now, so after enjoying it so much we thought it would be great to share this pleasure with the Romanian audience. Covenant are great on CD, DVD and even greater live.

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by Viviana on March 14, 2010

in Music

After a long(ish) period of non-Depeche Mode entries, I have decided to write less and let the videos speak about how awesome Depeche Mode concerts are. As I have repeatedly said, the 7 Depeche Mode concerts in 6 countries I attended in 2009 and 2010 are my life dream come true. I was lucky enough (although I can’t get enough!) to have my friends with me in 5 of these countries! I dressed up, wore my Gothic makeup, jewelry and perfume, I felt I was in heaven  watching my favorite band on stage and I partied with the Devotees after each concert. Thank you DM for some of the best moments of my life! I promise to go back to the next episode I was supposed to write some time ago (Barcelona concerts). :)

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by Viviana on March 3, 2010

in Music

I’m taking a ride with my best band!

Dear passengers, this is your Romanian captain speaking. Allow me to welcome you on board of our Depeche Mode aircraft. You have chosen to be part of this Depeche Mode Tour of the Universe (in 6 days). Fasten your seatbelt, sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful memories of 7 Depeche Mode concerts in 6 countries across the Globe. Let me show you the world in my eyes…

Tel Aviv, Israel, 9 and 10 May, 2009

May 9 is Dave’s birthday, and as my birthday is May 10, it was the first time Dave and I celebrated our b-days in the same country (the Holy Land). I turned 36 in the taxi, on the way to the hotel.

On the night we arrived in Tel Aviv there was no one in the street. I mean no one… Still, we found the only bar that was opened and they were playing DEPECHE MODE (It’s No Good for a start and then many other DM songs, and we all sang along and drank local beer on the night of my b-day).

On May 10, 2009, it was the first time I saw Depeche Mode live on TOTU, and it was the first official concert (well, after the warm up in Luxembourg on May 6).

I will never forget the sun setting as if God decided to drop the curtains to create the proper atmosphere for the concert on Ramat Gan Stadium. Terry Poison (Israel) left me bouche-bée and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (USA) were born for me on that stage! A sincere thank you to the lead singer in this band who dedicated a song to Depeche Mode.

The Israeli fan club video was played on the side screens and we all cheered waiting for the kings to appear. And so they did. Tons of fireworks were held by the audience. Really the only place on Earth where I saw that happen at a Depeche Mode concert! Lovely…

We sang happy birthday to Dave and I yelled from the bottom of my lungs that it was my birthday on that day, and people around us wished me Happy B-day…in Romanian (!). We found out that out of 10 people around us, 4 were of pure Romanian extraction, and the rest had some Romanian descent.

We sang every song. Depeche Mode played In Sympathy (my favorite on SOTU), and I could see Dave make the gesture from Halo (the strongest man in the Universe) when saying “you’re strong”! It was a premiere for me to see Dave waving his arms sideways like a swan after In Chains. And the new makeup and outfits!

The stage wasn’t very different from the one on Touring the Angel, but I found it more welcoming and warmer.

Photos I took before the concert

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photos I took at the concert

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and photos I took in Tel Aviv

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Next stop: Rome, Italy!

My January trip to Belgium was too short. Links to the galleries of pics I took in the 3 cities here: [click to continue…]

I am writing this post having 3 things in mind:

1. One should never postpone sharing with other people things they find interesting/beautiful/funny/worth speding time on, etc so I am writing again about my favorite music.

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I am a mother and a business woman and I have already accomplished more than I expected in this life. Oh, well… I am 36 and only God knows what lies in store… [click to continue…]

Right after getting off the Germanwings plane (2 hour flight) we jumped into a bus that took us to the Berlin Mitte (center). From there, the adventure of getting to the hotel was no adventure at all, as Germany’s transport is very well organized and logical and you simply cannot get lost. Still, for me even the clearest directions seem complicated! The fact that I managed pretty well with the transport in Berlin, was a first in my life!!! I managed to read maps and figure out quickly how to get to Warschauerstrasse, Alexander Platz or Friedrichstrasse… Well, for all of you reading this it may seem nothing, but for me it was another reason to feel proud!

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