Cancelling the Universe – Oh, Well…

by Viviana on May 21, 2009

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Starting May 12, we have been receiving scarce news about Dave’s health condition and the Tour of the Universe in general. We have been reading sad jokes about the real reasons why Depeche Mode have already cancelled 9 concerts in Eastern Europe and 2 Baltic States. I have the feeling that Dave Gahan’s health is treated as a political issue and it totally makes me sick. Politicizing is what Romanians are best at. Making things bigger and scarier than they are is also a national trait. So follow my thoughts, and you will probably agree with me.

I have the strange feeling that I don’t belong to the world of Depeche Mode fans anymore. I don’t feel the urge to leave comments on any sites. I haven’t even felt the need to write on my personal blog until today. And that is because the latest news is that another concert has been added on my list: I am also going to Rome to see Depeche Mode live on June 16. Unfortunately, the thought of another set of cancellations mitigates my enthusiasm.

Things that make me upset today are:

1. The lack of information about Dave’s health. I wouldn’t give a damn about losing money if I knew he was alright. And that he may resume the tour. Or, God forbid, he is so sick he needs to be treated much longer. I don’t care about the business behind it, I don’t care about anything… I bought tickets, I hoped, I lost money already in reservations and tickets I cannot get the money back for, etc. It is not fair, I want to know what is the health condition of a person who is almost part of my family (and has been for 22 years).

2. I invested too much time, energy, money, resources being a DM fan and I feel I deserve some respect. I may just be a little more sensitive than other people, of just crave for some attention, but don’t you people think that those messages on Depeche Mode’s official website are just a job done? No human being would speak like that. You have the feeling that instead of trying to connect Dave and Depeche Mode in general to the fans (who made them who they are anyway) they are doing exactly the opposite. This is probably the most subjective comment.

3. Who is making money telling us to hold on to our tickets? What is this? No word about rescheduling anything so far. In fact exactly when WE ALL hoped it was good news that there was no news regarding Warsaw cancellation, we found out that 3 more concerts had been cancelled. The same cold and insensitive news on the official website. Nothing about Dave’s illness. Well, in fact it is the official website that tells all the fans to hold on to their tickets. But why would you do that when there is no good news about Dave’s recovery and no concert has been rescheduled yet?

The cancellations:

Greece – on stage (that I can understand)

Turkey – 1 day before

Romania – 2 days before

Bulgaria – 4 days before

Belgrade – 6 days before

Zagreb – 7 days before

Warsaw – 3 days before

Riga – 5 days before

Vilnius – 7 days before

I can imagine the frustration of thousands of people coming from all over the world to see the REAL THING in Eastern Europe. Dave himself said that he enjoyed the Romanian crowd… I can imagine the frustrated 22 year old students who put all their yearly savings in a trip to Warsaw… and the frustration of not even getting their plane, hotel or concert ticket money back…

4. No clear decision has been made (or at least we, “the mortals” don’t know yet) regarding rescheduling the above concerts. Yesterday I read the sad news (on the Romanian organizer’s website) that they are not able to reschedule Bucharest concert. So, as I have 3 tickets in the FAN area (tickets I paid dearly for) I am not getting any money back. It’s the advantage and disadvantage of buying tickets that have no money value written on them…. Here goes another 150 euro. I also lost 100 Euro because of the hotel reservation in Sofia, Bulgaria. I also lost some money (a little) as the train ticket for Sofia is not 100% refundable.

5. I may be paranoid, but I think that DM management WOULD NOT HAVE HAD the same attitude if the tour started in England. I am almost sure that the English citizens and everybody going to England to see Depeche Mode will know well in advance – on May 22 the latest – if the show on O2 is cancelled as well.

My conclusions:

1. It is not fair that we don’t know exactly what Dave’s illness is. If it is gastroenteritis it is a severe form, and I hope they finally decide how many more days he needs to recover!!! If it is something else, if it is even I don’t know … something really bad, or something funny like having that fight with his spouse everybody is talking about, THE FANS need to know. Not the organizers and money makers. Period.

2. I strongly believe that if they badly need to do that, the DM management will cancel further concerts/the whole tour or just a large chunk of it using a different, nicer and kinder message to the fans (as the tour moves to Western Europe).

Hope I am WRONG!

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joacadeamine 10 years ago at 10:02 am

Very good analysis of what really happened on the other site of events, the one which was not covered by news. The blunt and feelingless official messages from or the fact that depechemode stopped following me on twitter the minute I asked one decent question about last-minute cancelations make me altogether sick. I am not one of the fandom, but I wished to see the concerts here and there in Europe and now it all goes into smoke. I think there’s no respect for the fans. Fan migrations on the map of Europe to see DM concerts are only natural, and they should have paid more attention and a lot more respect to the cancelations. That being said, I totally agree with you.
There’s something else I wished to say here, and I guess that’s not out of the blue, or I hope really it’s not, namely that they should decide on a PR thing before everyone starts hating Dave. I mean what’s really worrying is not his illness, for all I care he could just babble now in a wheelchair after the stroke or what was it they said in some obscure news; but the fact that they don’t cancel all arrangements before all concert organizers lose what they keep in investing (I bet the Polish organizer kept on display billboards and aired tv spots for the concerts until yesterday, just like in Bucharest), and before the fans lose money too. I hate to make it a money thing, but everyone’s losing money while they decide on a PR thing. One that’s not heartless, at least. Anyway. I will not go to the Bucharest concert anymore (I plan to boycott it that way), I will go to the remaining concerts if they are still on tour, but that’s about it. I’m not retaliating, just thinking it’s better that way. And no, a rescheduled Bucharest won’t be an affair of tens of thousands anymore. People have their pride.

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