Bunesti, Crit, Saschiz, Viscri – the Saxon Villages in Romania

by Viviana on June 12, 2010


bunesti, crit, saschiz, viscri, romania

Romania is the country of infinite beauty.

While visiting the Saxon villages between Brasov and Sighisoara I felt time stood still and keptĀ  its distance, staring at me. I felt the eyes of history and the soul of fate were dancing around me in circles, twirling and whispering to attract me to the ruins and old churches that seem to have been Poe’s inspiration.

I have visited so many enchanting places in Romania, from the Muddy Volcanoes to the dazzling Carpathian mountains and Black Sea coast, from the old fortresses in Transylvania to the modern Peles Castle in Sinaia, but no other place in this amazing country we were blessed with made me more proud and sad than the breathtaking villages of Bunesti, Crit, Saschiz and Viscri.

I felt proud because – to wrap the entire history and tradition of these places in one sentence – Romania is the only country in the world with more than 40 fortified churches either still functioning or under decay. Still standing – a few, in advanced state of decay – most. And that is why I was sad. Anyway, to see the bright side:

“In 2006, The Prince of Wales bought and restored two 18th Century Saxon houses in the Transylvanian villages of Malancrav and Viscri to help protect the unique way of life that has existed for hundreds of years and promote sustainable tourism.”… more on the Saxon village of Viscri on Wikipedia.

My photos from Bunesti, Crit, Viscri, the Saxon Villages near Sighisoara, Romania.

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Another great photo collection from the Saxon villages near Sighisoara, with explanations in Romanian.

If you are into old villages that look like ghost towns, old statues and old cemeteries, fortified churches that only you and probably another generation will still have the chance to visit cause they are in decay, dark landscapes, silence and ruins, come to Romania and visit the Saxon villages in Transylvania!

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Lucian 7 years ago at 8:58 am

Viviana, please don`t forget Calnic, Valea Viilor, Prejmer and Biertan, also included on the UNESCO World Heritage List; and Apold, Bradeni, Agnita, Rechis, Valchid…

Viviana 7 years ago at 12:14 am

Never :)

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