Bucharest Botanical Garden photos by Viviana Ball

by Viviana on September 21, 2010

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I wrote some time ago about a weekend in Bucharest. I enjoyed that weekend so much! I enjoyed reading that entry again big time.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take photos in the Botanical Garden, in our lovely Bucharest. I was so happy to see that the garden was clean and tidy; there were nice benches and a small shop at the entrance where we bought sodas and crackers.

I couldn’t capture the beautiful autumn colors, as it is a little bit early for that. Still, the photos of plants and trees came out nicely:

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I also enjoyed taking pics of the ducks on the lake:

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As we were heading towards the exit, the kids wanted to pet this cat:

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The caretaker said that she was wild and they shouldn’t even get close to her. We left the garden as we say in Romanian “tail between our legs” and promised to go back a week later :).

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