Before regrets

by Viviana on July 4, 2012

in Personal

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  Amazing sounds and roars came to me first

So I was wanting you before I knew your face

And just the instant when my heart could burst

My images of you came into place

Oh, no, you’re not my knight in shining armor

You’re what he sees when he’s asleep at night;

His soul’s wild tamer and hypnotic charmer

That puts to sleep his glory and his fight


The secret of a blessing of great treason

Stayed right between us and we loved the sound

That was a crime in our winter season

And now the prize is an unspoken bound


Don’t take away the secrets and the game

Don’t put a history between my world and yours

There’s nothing simpler than a simple name

And nothing sadder than the closing doors


A name is all that is and ever will be

I’ll give new names to everything in June

I’ll throw the mountains and the burning church key

And teach you how to taste the wintermoon.

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