Amazing Romania reloaded – Women on Web conference

by Viviana on October 14, 2010


Today I participated in WOW (Women on Web) conference organized by Evensys. The conference was about the role and influence of Romanian women in the online universe. 8 ladies and 4 gentlemen gave presentations aided by visuals  and/or talked freely, either about online experiences with personal projects, or about public websites, projects, magazines or brands they developed or are currently involved in. The guest speakers made me (and all the other participants for the matter) smile, laugh, think, think again, reflect, actively participate, laugh and cry. Literally cry. That is why I choose to speak now about emotions, and not about ways of increasing the number of followers on Twitter. I am a woman, I love being a woman, I love being caring, hard working and organized in my universe made up of emotions and little-huge events that change me and the world around me every day.

I laughed and agreed with Bogdana, one of the most gifted female speakers I’ve listened to in my life, when she talked about her very professional online presence, I listened carefully and took notes while Cristina was speaking about the art of being proactively contemplative and “feeling comfortable in your own skin”, I remembered obsessively “N-am bani de bilet” while Marius was talking about fitness, wellness and his music and burst into laughter like a child, I applauded Cristina’s presentation about how to succeed in online projects and admired her courage to speak in front of some hundred+ people (mostly women, of course), I felt patriotic and ecstatic when Dragos said that he believes in Romania and we should all ignore the people who are trying to put us down and keep doing what we believe in. Well, now I am going to take a deep breath, cause I feel tears coming out again. We all stood up, cheered, applauded and cried watching a short documentary about our youngest true Romanian supergirl: Crina Coco Popescu. She stood there, modest and genuine, answered the emotional and moved to tears Cristian’s questions about her amazing alpinist career. Did I tell you she is 15 and she has already climbed the highest mountains in the world? That she needs another 29,000 eur sponsorship (out of 70,000 eur) and she can tick the 7 volcanoes circuit off her list? That she has 13 world/national records? I felt proud and eager to help her in any way. And so I’ll do. I also felt proud when Mugur Varzariu was mentioned and when Agentia de implinit dorinte (The Agency for dreams come true) was presented in the kindest way by Alina, a devoted woman who now lives with the children at an orphanage.

All those women who are active online and the gentlemen who participated made me feel proud to be Romanian. We frequently make negative comments about our country, as sometimes it is the best way to start making changes for the better, but today I felt it was the day to celebrate hard work, initiative, volunteer work, respect for our country and fellow bloggers/entrepreneurs/media people, etc. I also got a few great tips on how to manage online projects, while shared experience with some of the most influential online specialists in Romania. I wrote down a lot of ideas during the 6 hour conference. Still, I chose not to emphasize the technical part, but the human and community oriented part of the conference.

My special thanks to Cristian Manafu, who is a wonderful person and amazing businessman. I will attend as many events organized by Evensys as possible, and try not to miss the opportunity to share my experience in business management with fellow hard working Romanians.

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