Adding a personal message on Facebook is vital

by Viviana on August 31, 2010

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It is harder to say NO! to a REAL person

Some time ago, a friend (singer) told me that he never accepts facebook friend requests from people who don’t send him a message (who don’t introduce themselves first). I gave it a thought and I agreed. At that time I was spending a lot of time trying to find out who the people who were asking me for friendship were. I was using Google searches, websites, links, comments, any source that could give me an idea about who those people were. Basically, I was doing someone their job. Most of the time I would decide to decline when no info was available.

My friend is a public figure, so he gets tens of requests every day. In order to identify the reason why another person would like to befriend him on facebook, for him it is a must they at least introduce themselves and the opportunity/relation/thing in common/reason in general why they should be in future contact. Should we apply the same principle, or is it just a public figure privilege?

I think we should all apply it. I, for one am getting really tired of checking facebook profiles that contain no information. Just a name! A simple name, usually a nickname something like Dj Cool or Catonstrings or Kallissa or something similar for crying out loud! Sometimes the request is sent by a person who does not share any info whatsoever unless we are friends. Why would I accept then? Why would I want to become a Dj Cool’s friend if I know nothing about him? Don’t get me wrong, I love to have more facebook friends. It is by far the easiest way to stay in touch, have fun, share info, etc. But, in order to decide whether I am willing to share anything at all about me (or my friends for the matter) I need to know who will have access to that info. That little box that says: “Add a personal message” when we send friend requests is vital. If we write a short personalized message in that box, it’s a win-win.

My personal message when I send friend requests (as I usually want to be in contact with bands, promoters, music reviewers, journalists, basically people who have something to do with music) is very simple and straightforward: “Hello from Bucharest, Romania! I own Viva Music, local dark.electro.industrial.gothic music promoter. Thank you. Viviana Ball”. It may not be the best in the world, but it serves its purpose: it is short, and allows people to find out quickly where I am from, who I am, and implicitly let them know why I am trying to be in contact with them. I encourage all of you to write a short text about ourselves and use it! It is not offending and no one can blame you for not introducing yourselves! Cheers from lovely Romania!

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Anca Nienna 8 years ago at 5:47 pm

I think I will start replying with a link to this blog post to all those who try to add me to their friends list without introducing themselves. It’s really annoying! =_=

Viviana 8 years ago at 7:22 pm

It is annoying. And it is also a sign of disrespect. It also gives women a feeling that I am not going to describe here. :(

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