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Hello, dear interested reader! I am Vivi, mother, empath, Romanian, photographer, motivator, target shooter, cooking aficionado, goth. On vivianaball.ro I write about my spiritual journey on Earth, my travels around the world, Romania (places to visit, great people, history, photos, work, performance in small and medium size companies, etc) and music (Depeche Mode, electro.Gothic.industrial music). I post photos and thoughts. Your visit, feedback and comments are precious to me.

I have experience in business management (since 2001), media (TV, radio and writing), teaching foreign languages (since 1990), PR and human resources, photography and blogging. I like to spend time with my daughter (born 2000), work, write, listen to music, cook, dance, take photos, travel and, above all, work on finding my true self. I experienced clinical death when I was 4 years old, and I remember being dead. I started my spiritual journey when I was 14. On 31 July 2013 I realized what I needed to do to find my peace. In early 2014 I started target shooting, but quit after severely injuring myself. I love growing things. I like helping other people. I love my home country, I respect it, I am an honest tax payer and I will never leave Romania. I love meeting people who share my interests: parenting, music, education, entrepreneurship, work, yoga, blogging, photography and cooking.

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