35 and still looking – looking stupid

by Viviana on August 27, 2011

in Personal

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I love young people with an attitude. Whatever the attitude.
I love when people believe they are right. I love when young people think that they know everything and they can die contradicting you, beer in hand, until they forget why they were contradicting you.
We were all there.
We all went through stages of utter stupidity, stubbornness and indecisiveness.
We were in turns cute, depressed, interesting, and then boring to death.
The lucky ones learn from life, from their experiences and other people’s experiences.
The unlucky ones turn 35 and are still looking – looking stupid.

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Brett Widmann 7 years ago at 12:53 am

I saw this post and at first only saw the 35 and Still Looking part of the title, I guess you know where my mind has been!

Great post, anyway! :)

Viviana 7 years ago at 12:10 pm

Brett, this is just another proof that we need to “spice up” the titles of posts to get people to click! The first 20 characters are very important. Thanks for pointing this out. >D<

Brett Widmann 7 years ago at 5:49 pm

No problem!

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